Have you ever wondered what APEER is, that everyone's talking about? In this section, we’ll give you a broad overview of the APEER platform and the benefits it offers for you.

APEER in a nutshell

It is a simple idea that drives us: Imaging Specialists are handling up to five different software solutions in order to create one good workflow. That workflow runs locally somewhere and is not shared. Imaging students with no prior coding knowledge are thus struggling with their image processing tasks. We want to change that! APEER is an initiative started by ZEISS to offer customizable solutions to the microscopy community.
APEER feature overview

APEER's 10 Reasons why

  1. 1.
    Automate complete image processing workflows: Overcome the fragmentation of existing image processing software. No need to be able to code to create your own pipelines for automated image processing.
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    Reproduce your research: Reliably reproducing your research has never been easier. You can always rerun previously performed workflow runs with the exact same data and settings. Also share the workflows and settings with others and they will be able to create the same results from the same data.
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    Work with an easy and intuitive interface: With the drag and drop workflow editor you will intuitively set up your image processing pipeline in no time and can focus on your research instead of some software.
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    Collaborate with ease: Use the platform to store and share your data and workflows with your peers. All of this without having to physically share any files or scripts.
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    Be always up to date on the latest imaging software and tools: No more need for manually updating your software and looking for new tools. APEER combines the latest solutions in one place. The platform is cloud base and provides you with all the storage and computing power needed. No download or installation required.
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    Support your peers: Many microscopy users do not have any programming knowledge. By making your code available as modules on the platform you can help and support them in achieving their best results.
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    Use your favorite programming language: The underlying container infrastructure enables you to write your modules in the language you prefer. No matter if you take your existing code or write new code, you can easily get it up and running in our cloud infrastructure.
  8. 8.
    Gain visibility and reputation: Public modules are available to the whole APEER community and therefore boost your visibility and reputation.
  9. 9.
    Conserve your knowledge: Modules represent an easy way for conserving knowledge. You can save module snapshots and come back to former versions anytime and even share them with your colleagues.
  10. 10.
    Receive direct feedback for your work: The APEER community can provide you with direct feedback on your work in the integrated forum. Vice versa, you can also get in touch with the users of your modules.
Still not fully convinced about the benefits of our APEER platform? Give us five more minutes to show you the advantages and features helping you with your digital image processing task.
APEER core features
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