What You'll Need
You want to code your first module? Great! But in order to have a smooth start, you'll need some tools installed. Here we will show you what you need and where to find it.
Your first question might be: "What OS are you supporting?". Principally APEER has no limitations on operating systems. Nevertheless we have some prerequisites on some tools, that are mandatory to build new modules.

Obligatory Tools

  • Browser of your choice: We recommend to use Google Chrome in order to have the best experience on APEER
  • APEER account: You can easily sign up here to get free access to our APEER community and to over 90 image processing applications
  • Programming language of your choice: Most of our modules are built with Python, but you can also write new ones in Java, ImageJ (Fiji), Matlab or any other suitable language that comes to your mind
  • IDE or code editor of your choice: For Beginners we recommend to use Visual Studio Code as it is available for all major operating systems and we use it in our documentation
  • Git is a version-control system used by APEER to upload your code and deploy it on the platform. Click here to learn more about Git

Optional Tools

  • If you are using Python, we highly recommend using the Anaconda Distribution (make sure to enable "Add Anaconda to my PATH environment variable" and "Register Anaconda as my default Python" in the advanced installation options)
  • Docker Desktop allows you to debug your developed APEER modules. Click here to see how Docker works
Last modified 2yr ago