Here you can go through questions that reached us quite often. Of course we want to share the answers with you.

General questions

Is it for academic customers only?

No! - Our platform is in principle agnostic to your processing challenge and as long as someone contributes a solution to your challenge, you can process any data with APEER.

How much does the platform cost?

There is no charge for the platform as of March 1st. The focus is on building a community and enabling early producers to successfully build software solutions for their research needs.

Is the platform available to ZEISS customers only?

No! - We want to create a microscope community and we invite all microscopists and image analysists to join the platform - ZEISS and non-ZEISS customers. The architecture of the platform and the underlying technology allows processing any kind of data and can be utilized to analyze microscopy and non-microscopy imagery alike. It can also be used purely for data analysis.

Is there a user forum?

Yes! - To visit our forum: Go directly to the APEER forum -or- Click on the link at the bottom right of each APEER page while you are logged in. Here you can contribute your ideas and get in touch with other users and developers!

I have a question [workflow, technical, scientific etc.] that I would like to discuss. Whom should I ask?

Visit our APEER user forum! This is where our users and developers meet!

How do I contact APEER support?

You can contact our support at anytime anywhere within APEER by clicking the support button on the bottom left of the screen, when you are logged in or simply drop a line at [email protected].

I forgot my password/ user name. What can I do?

Please visit ZEISS customer self-service portal. Click on "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions.

I have login issues! Help anyone?

Please check if caps lock is activated, and whether the keyboard layout and system language do not match. Also visit the ZEISS customer self-service portal and try to login-in. If the login should also fail, please contact general ZEISS-support. If you can login in to the ZEISS customer self-service portal, go to "My Applications", find the APEER field, click the three points in upper right corner and select contact. A contact form opens in which you can state your issue and send it directly to our support. We will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

My account was suspended. What to do?

Please visit and login at ZEISS customer self-service portal, go to "My Applications", find the APEER field, click the tree points in upper right corner and select contact. A contact form opens in which you can state your issue and send it directly to our support. We will review your case and contact you as soon as possible.
Please check out our terms and conditions first. You can find them on the bottom of each APEER page or in the ZEISS ID self-service portal under "My applications" from the context menu. For further questions, please feel free to contact our support. We will gladly assist you with any question.

Do you offer any user training?

As a first step, you can visit our Media Gallery where you can find previous webinars and how-to videos. Webinars and more will follow soon.

My question is not listed here.

For all other questions about APEER, please feel free to contact our support. We will gladly help you. For questions about ZEISS products, please visit the ZEISS homepage.

Technical questions

Why did my workflow not finish?
Did you receive an error message? Please check the log-files on the results page! Also, consider trying another file. Feel free to contact us (support button on the bottom of each APEER page) if the issue persists.

How do I upload my data? How do I download my data?

Data up- and download is part of every workflow and is generally performed using a special module. Additionally, you can download your results on the results page for each workflow step individually!

Upload/Download is slow. Why is it taking so long to upload/download my data?

Please check your local internet connection first. Have you run a speed test with an external test site? Do you reach the expected connection speed? Please feel free to contact our support if you can rule out local issues.

What file types are supported?

APEER is designed to process any type of data. The supported file types are limited only by the modules you use. A description can be found by clicking on the respective module.

I need to learn more about how module XYZ works. Where can I get the details?

Documentation for module XYZ is missing. Whom to ask?

Can I see the code for module XYZ? I don't like black boxes.

You might want to ask the producer directly in our community forum. Is the module a conversion of an external tool or plug-in (for. e.g. Fiji filters)? In this case, you might find extensive documentation on respective tools web page. Still no satisfactory info found? Get in touch with our support!

I am missing a certain module. How to request?

You might like to visit our APEER forum and ask our community. Why not create a module yourself? APEER is the ideal platform to create and share your own modules. You will find detailed instruction this Python tutorial. Or simply contact our support. We will collect your feedback and suggestions and discus them with our developers.

Is APEER able to control ZEISS microscopes?

Yes and No! - The aim of APEER is not to recreate ZEN - a mature product that customers love. However, the users can access certain ZEN functionalities using APEER connectors directly from within ZEN. These Connectors will allow the automation of certain microscope workflows from start to finish. The connectors will not be available on March 1st but initial ZEN Blue and ZEN 2 Core connectors have been developed and will be released this year (synchronized with future ZEN release cycles).

My ZEISS Microscope is not working, can you help?

Please directly contact ZEISS support.

Are there any technical limitations?

These are the current technical limitations of the module execution environment: Each module can allocate up to 1.5 cores and 6 GB RAM. Data throughput for temporary storage is limited to 64 MB/s and maximum uncached throughput is 96 MB/s. As APEER is the first of its kind we do not know what the exact requirements are going to be for each user. The resource allocation is based on our first guess and will be adjusted accordingly based on user feedback. Therefore, please do share your experience using ‘What’s working and what’s not’ part of the forum.
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