APEER Terminology 101
Let’s just start with two really basic definitions, you’ll see a lot in our APEER Docs.

What is a Module?

A module is a piece of software that performs a specific task. The task can range from file conversion to image segmentation to report generation. Modules come from predefined interfaces for input and output parameters. While certain modules may perform standalone tasks, most modules are designed to interface with other modules to create meaningful workflows. They can be created by any user with some coding knowledge in any language. A Module..
  • ... is a building-block of an APEER Workflow
  • ... has inputs and outputs to connect to other Modules
  • ... can have editable parameters
An APEER Module with its components

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is an arrangement of modules in a specific way customized for a specific job. For example, you can build a workflow for scratch assay analysis by starting with an image import module, then a module to convert the image to OME-TIFF format followed by a module for image filtering, then a module for thresholding and finally a module for plotting. Any user can easily create a workflow by either editing an existing public workflow or by putting together a new workflow from scratch. You do not need to download any software on your system to build or run modules. All the necessary tools are available online, use any browser on any device to work with modules.
An APEER Workflow
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