Create a Workflow
This step by step tutorial is teaching you how to create a simple workflow running on the APEER platform using a default Python template.
As we will create a workflow in this tutorial make sure that you've ...

Step #1: Create new workflow with one module

  • Go to "My Workspace" and click "Create new Workflow"
  • Click the "+" button and type "OME-TIFF-Converter" and click "Add" (This will convert different image files to a standardized OME-TIFF format)
  • Click again the "+" button and type "Geometric transformation"
  • Add the module
  • Enter the name for the workflow e.g. "My first workflow"

Step #2: Run your created workflow

  • Click on "Run" below the workflow title to start the workflow runner
  • Click on "Upload Files" to upload a picture used by the workflow
  • Select an image on your computer and click "Open"
Upload a single image
  • Click "Run" on the top right corner
  • Wait until the workflow has finished every module
To connect the modules, click and drag the connecting dots. First from "Define inputs" to "input_image" in the ome-tiff converter, then from "output_image" to "Input image" from the last module.
To change some parameters from the last module, click on the gear icon ("Settings") located in its bottom right corner. Then change the first one, "Rotation angle in degrees", to 180 and save.
Save the workflow.
Your first running workflow

Step #3 View the results of your workflow

When the workflow has finished it will ask you how to store the result (in our case images).
Finished workflow asks for result name
  • Enter a result name (e.g. "My first result")
  • Click "Save"
  • Get redirected to the result page
Your first result
Congratulations you have run your first APEER workflow. Now you can take a look at the (interim) results by clicking the eye icon, you can download all the files or you can share your results with others.
Video: How to view your results

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