Hybrid Solution
The hybrid solution allows you to run your workflows locally.


1) Access

Currently, we enable the hybrid solution only on request. If you are interested in using it, please send us a message to [email protected]. Our administrator will subsequently activate the feature for your account.‌

2) Docker Installation

Linux (Ubuntu)
Please follow the instructions here to install docker on your machine.
Once the installation has finished, you will be prompted with a pop-up window. On Windows, you manually need to allow access to your drive. Go to Settings->Shared Drives and tick the box next to your C drive.
Please follow the instructions here to install docker on your machine.
Please follow the instructions here to install docker on your machine.

Register Agent

If you prefer watching videos instead of reading, click here to find out how to connect your machine with APEER.
Once the hybrid feature has been added to your account, you will have an additional "Local Execution" option in the drop down menu "My Workspace" as shown in the image below. Please click on it.
To create a new agent click on the button "Connect my computer".
You now need to fill in the details of your agent: Agent name, mount path and optionally the proxy settings of your workplace. The mount path corresponds to the location where all files will be saved to (docker needs to have access to this folder). When you are done, click on the "Next" button.
A docker command is automatically generated for you. Before being able to finalize the registration process, you first need to execute the command on your machine.‌
Paste it inside any command line tool and run it. The required docker image will automatically be downloaded.
In the end you should see a message saying the client has been successfully started and is available for connection.‌
You can now finalize the operation by clicking on the "Finish" button.
On the "Local Execution" page, you will now see your newly connected agent.
You are now able to run worklows locally. Congratulations!

Run locally

To execute a workflow locally on your connected agent, open the workflow you would like to run. Next to the run button, there is a cloud icon.
Clicking on the icon opens a pop-up that allows you to switch to "run locally".
In this case, all files are processed on your local agent and saved to the path that you specified earlier (mount path). After switching to local runs, you can select files from your local directory as workflow input in the respective input module:
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